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Raw wool and cotton dryer (Belt dryer)

 Raw Wool Cotton Dryer 2

Dryer feature

  • Hank yarn drying
  • Wool fleece drying
  • Cotton drying
  • Fiber drying


Work specifications:

-          Provides drying with dry and warm air, spreading it into the wet wool, fleece, cotton and other fiber products

-          In order to protect the product from loosing its natural features the worm and dry wool is frozen with cold air at the outlet of a dryer;

-          HRV fans used in the system work in all temperature conditions

-          Thermal serpentine system is manufactured with pressure resistant ability

-          There is a possibility of regulating the speed of coveyor belt in accordance with the periods of drying of different products such as wool, fibre, cotton etc.

-          Thanks to special mechanism the humid air leaving the dryer is recycled and used as heated air which means energy savings.  


Wool cotton fiber dryer

Cotton fiber dryer



    Capacity Models
  • Wool (130-150 kg/h
  • Wool (230-255 kg/h)
  • Wool (320-350 kg/h)
  • Wool (440-475 kg/h)


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